Stuff Shells with Ricotta

1 box large shells (approximately 30) 1 container (3 c) cottage cheese 1 large container ricotta cheese 1 can tomato sauce 4 T parmesan cheese 2 parts Italian seasoning to taste (I make my own since I can’t have garlic – parsley, onion powder, pepper, salt, oregano, basil) Cook shells and drain. Mix cheese and Italian… Continue reading Stuff Shells with Ricotta

“Kitchen Sink” Cookie

This cookie is awesome. We call it the Kitchen Sink Cookie because you can add just about any left over baking ingredient to it, and it works. I made six different cookies last Christmas, and any leftover bits I dumped into this batter including some instant pudding mix, dried cranberries, extra brown sugar, etc. They were… Continue reading “Kitchen Sink” Cookie

Morning Blueberry Oatmeal

…oatmeal is healthy and quick, but the instant variety is packed with sugar and the others can be quite bland. I have working on making “gourmet” or well better flavored oatmeal while being conscious of sugars. I have 14 recipes currently (as of 5/28/17). I will work to list one a week on Sundays –… Continue reading Morning Blueberry Oatmeal