Simple Pie Crust alternative for Graham Crackers

I cannot find Graham crackers (or already made cracker crusts) without soy. For years, instead, I would do a Pillsbury roll crust. They are great, but not always perfect for some recipes. While making another recipe, I created this quick and easy crust. It is easy to modify, but gives a similar consistency to Graham crackers. 1 stick… Continue reading Simple Pie Crust alternative for Graham Crackers

Mix-n-Match Cupcakes

Main Items: 1 Purely Simple White Cake Mix 1 Package 1.5 oz Vanilla Jell-o (sugar free fat free) instant pudding 1 cup milk 3 eggs 1 stick of soften or semi-melted butter Steps: Combine butter, pudding dry mix, and cake mix until crumbly. Add milk and eggs. Combine on low then beat at medium/medium-high for… Continue reading Mix-n-Match Cupcakes