Cream of Soup base

Anyone with allergies knows how hard it is to find prepared items. They love to use soy in bases as a stabilizer. This quick base can be dressed up into other cream ofs.

1 1/2 c broth (I use Swanson’s 33% Reduced Sodium)

1/2 c whole milk, plus 1 – 2 T

2 T butter

2 T corn starch

salt, pepper, onion powder

Add the broth,  1/2 c milk, butter, and seasoning into sauce pan and heat. While doing so, in a small dish, mix corn starch and reserved milk (this is a slurry). Once the liquid is slow boiling add in the slurry whisking the entire time (don’t stop or you’ll get lumps).  Add the slurry slowly until you get the thickness/consistency you want. Humidity/season will affect how much of the slurry you need. So go slow.

You can use for the base of cream of chicken, cream of mushroom (change the proportions of broth and milk and make sure to add mushrooms), or the start of casserole base and cheese.


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