Simple Pie Crust alternative for Graham Crackers

I cannot find Graham crackers (or already made cracker crusts) without soy. For years, instead, I would do a Pillsbury roll crust. They are great, but not always perfect for some recipes. While making another recipe, I created this quick and easy crust. It is easy to modify, but gives a similar consistency to Graham crackers.

1 stick of butter (you can reduce by a tablespoon or two if worried about extra calories or fat or like me and don’t always make sure I have everything before baking — reason for most of my recipe creations)

3 cups of Chex cereal – you can do a mix (I usually go 1/2 vanilla and either 1/2 corn or 1/2 cinnamon. Since the chocolate ones have soy in them, I do not use the chocolate ones.)

Put the cereal in a plastic bag and using a rolling pin crush the cereal. You can make it as coarse or as fine as you want. Put in bowl. Melt the butter and mix with cereal (I use plastic gloves). Spray a pan (8×8, 8×11, or circular pie pan) and press cereal down. I bake about 8 minutes at 350.


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